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Q- Is your pest control service safe for my family and pets?

A- Yes. Most people often go to great lengths to ensure their family's health and safety. When it comes to pest control, safety is a top priority. Some people associate pest control with harmful chemicals and health hazards. This is not true, in fact there is a greater risk to your family's health by letting pest issues go unchecked. Many pests such as roaches, can pose a threat by spreading infections and bacteria such as, dysentery, cholera, salmonellosis, e-coli, and much more! They also trigger asthma and other allergies. Using top quality products that are EPA approved and registered and applying them in a safe manner is our top priority. Our highly trained technicians are subject to ongoing training to ensure we provide the safest, most effective service. 



Q- Are customers required to sign a contract when starting a new service?

A- Here at P.M.S. Pest Management Specialists,LLC. we strive to provide convenient solutions for all of your pest control needs. We offer many options when signing up for new service. For routine scheduled pest service, signing a 12 month agreement allows us to offer you a more competitive rate. For any reason we cannot solve your pest problem, we will not hold you to the 12 month term. Onetime service and as needed services are also available without signing a 12 month agreement. 

Q- How often do you service your accounts?

A- Most commercial accounts are serviced on a monthly basis. For residential accounts we recommend bi-monthly (every other month) service. Other options are available such as, quarterly, onetime, and as needed service. Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service offer free call backs between regular service trips.

Q- What types of pests does your pest control service cover?

A- Routine pest control covers for the following pests: roaches, spiders, mice, rats, silverfish, ants, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, earwigs, wasps, sowbugs, beetles, pill bugs, fleas, and ticks. Other occasional pests may also be covered under regular pest control service. Additional charges apply when treating for bed bugs and are priced on an individual basis depending on severity of infestation, size of area to be treated and other factors.

Q- Why should I choose P.M.S. Pest Management Specialists,LLC. for my pest control service?

A- We are locally owned and operated and live and work in the same neighborhoods we service. We strive to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price. We realize that behind every successful company are it's customers, so we emphasize on keeping our customers pest free and happy.

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